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Matt Anderson open air art en plein air

Matt Anderson Fine Art

Open air and other art.  See the Matt Anderson's Website for more information

Accola Art Gallery in Durand Wisconsin

Accola Art Gallery

Art by Jean Accola, Durand Wisconsin.  592 Second Avenue East, Durand Wisconsin 54736 715-672-8188.  Open Saturday 10am to 2pm, by appointment or otherwise by chance

Frest Paint Art Tour and Events 2014

Fresh Air Art Tour and Fresh Paint Events

Art in the Chippewa Valley and Pepin County.  2014 Spring Art tour and Events, June 6 7 and 8, 10am to 5pm.  Fall Fresh Art tour.  October 3, 4 and 5 2014

Patrick Wayne Construction

Pat Wayne Construction

Home Design, Custom Homes, and Remodeling in Northwestern Wisconsin. Please call for more information

Patrick Wayne Construction
W5362 County Road V, Durand WI 54736

JDH Inspections in Durand Wisconsin

JDH Inspections LLC

Fire Extinguishers, Range Hood Systems.  We Offer onsite fire extinguisher and range hood system sales, service and recharge. Please call for more information and pricing. 860 E Madison St. , Durand.  715-279-2429

The Home Place of Durand

The Home Place of Durand

Independent and assisted living for senior 55 years and older
315 Country Lane, Durand WI 54736, 715-672-4823

Bauer Plumbing in Durand Wisconsin

Bauer Plumbing

Bauer Plumbing & Septic Service, Inc
N6483 Dowins Mill Road
Durand Wisconsin  54736
Bauer Built Tires and Services in Durand Wisconsin

Bauer Built Tire

Tires and Services
Family owned tire business since 1944.
Third and Prospect Street 715-672-8300
Prime Realty and Real Estate Durand Wisconsin

Prime Realty, Durand Wi

206 W. Main Street Durand WI, 54736

Cell Block Bar and Grill Durand Wisconsin

Cell Block Lounge

200 West Mail Street, Durand Wisconsin 54736
Bar & Grill. A friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy your favorite drink and order something to eat. Sit on the deck and watch the Chippewa River go by.

We Come 2 U Pet Setters in Durand

We Come 2 U Pet Setters

617 1st Ave Durand, WI
Pet Services in Pepin County and the surrounding counties
Care for companion animals in your home while you are away. Also dog walking.  Insured.

Tractor Central Equipment Dealer in Durand Wisconsin

Tractor Central

Tractor Central in Durand

201 W. Main Street, Durand, WI 54736
We are a full line John Deere Dealer serving Agricultural, Lawn / Grounds / Garden / Property Care, and Commercial / Government customers

Find everything from small dollar parts to the largest John Deere tractors
Wolfs Ladies Fashion and Shoes

Wolf's, since 1904

Wolf's Ladies Fashion's & Shoes

201 W. Main Street, Durand, WI 54736
The best in Ladies Fashions & Shoes in and near all of Pepin County , Dunn County, Buffalo County, and Eau Claire County.  Let us fit something special for milady.  Women's fashions for all ages and sizes

We are a family owned and operated business across four generations.  Wolf's, since 1904
Cradles 2 Crayon Child Care Center Durrand Wisconsin

Cradles 2 Crayons Child Care Center

1117 E Laneville Ave Durand WI 54736 715-672-5437
Child Care in Pepin County

Audreys Barbershop Durand Wisconsin

Audrey's Barber Shop

407 4th Ave. W. Durand, Wi 54736, 715- 672-5613
Hair cuts for men and basic woman cuts for only $10.00, In business for 35 years

Schauls Propane and Appliances Durand Wisconsin

Schauls Gas Inc
Family owned and operated

Propane, Appliances and HVAC
212 W Main St, Durand, WI 54736

Schauls Gas Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Durand, Wisconsin. We take great pride in servicing what we sell our business becomes a one-stop shop for customers needing propane, service work, appliances, heating and cooling systems both in home and for business use.
Asher Realty Group in Mondovi Wisconsin

Asher Realty Group
Lifetime residents of the area doing business in the Real Estate Industry for over 13 year

Offices in Durand and Mondovi. Asher Realty..."Building our Community...One Family at a time!".

224 West Main Street, Mondovi, Wisconsin 54755 715-926-1112 and;
210A W. Main Street, Durand, Wisconsin 54736 715-672-5551

Blacks Nursery
We serve Durand Wi, Arkansaw Wi and Pepin County, Dunn County, Buffalo County, Pierce County, and Eau Claire County

Shrubs, Perennials, Bedding Plants and More - Thousands of plants and shrubs including petunias, Impatiens, Coleus, Pansy, Marigold, several varieties of Cactus, Succulents, Geranium, Coneflower (Echinacea), Beebalm, Black eyed Susan, Lilies, Raspberries, many ornamental shrubs, and more.

Blacks Garden Nursery, w8310 County Road Z, Arkansaw, Wisconsin 54721 715-285-5922
Bauer Propane Gas

Bauer's LP Gas & Appliances

Major and Small Appliances, LP Gas and Propane
110 W Main St, Durand, WI 54736

Best Service in Durand and Pepin County
Augusta Wisconsin 1956 Centennial

Bean and Bacon Days 2016

Hot Rods, Custom Cars and Antiques Show at the Augusta Wisconsin Car Show. Sunday July 3, 2016 - starting at 8:00 a.m.  Part of the Beans and Bacon Day events - The car show is Sunday with the Bean and Bacon Events extending from June 30 2016 through July 4 2016.  Click here see Information about the 2016 Bean and Bacon Days events on the Augusta Wisconsin web and about the July Car Show in Augusta Wisconsin. Autos, Trucks, Tractors & Cycles are featured - hosted by the Wisconsin Thunder Roads Hot Rods and Custom Car Club Also see the Bean and Bacon Day Info site for more information about the tradition

Audreys Boehm House Inn in Durand Wisconsin

Audrey's Boehm House Inn

Lodging in Durand Wisconsin.  A turn of the century home with 2 bedrooms, dining, living room and use of a full kitchen located 2 blocks from down town. Two units reasonable priced.

502 W. Prospect St. Durand, Wi, 715-495-8880

Sharis Chippewa Club in Durand

Shari's Chippewa Club

Full Menu, Specialty Pizzas and Sandwiches, Open Monday - Friday @11am,Open Saturday & Sunday @10am
106 West Main Street, Durand, Wisc 715-672-8785


Sherri's Stamping Art

I am a senior associate for Stampin' Up©.  Visit my web pages at Sherri's Stamping Art. Come join me in a Stamping Party I can help you to get started - everyone can do it. You don’t have to be an artist and sometimes mistakes turn out to be the best ideas and the end product is beautiful. You can make a card in a few minutes and you can involve the whole family. Make it a family affair! Stamping, scrap booking and more! Serving Trempealeau, Pepin, Buffalo, Eau Claire, Dunn, Chippewa, and Pierce Counties  For more information - . Let me plan a party with you

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  Durand WI brands are Bauer Built, Corral Bar and Restaurant, Black's Nursery, and the Chippewa River and the Chippewa Valley.  Durand Wisc is a River Town on the Chippewa.  Family names Baur in Wisconsin, Gary Saxe in Wisconsin.  Durand is part of the Indian Head Country
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Round Hill Retreat in Durand Wisconsin

Round Hill  Inc.
Retreat and Lodging in Arkansaw Wi, Near Durand Wisconsin

Are you looking for comfortable, private lodging and places to stay near Durand, Wisconsin?, A riverfront home or cabin, each with magnificent views of the scenic Chippewa River and the adjoining Tiffany Wildlife Area can be rented. Both are five miles from Durand, Wisconsin, at the Round Hill site, a locality with a rich history. Previous uses of this property include an 1880?s logging camp, 1920-30?s religious retreat center and school, and most recently, a private home. The property is now owned by the Diocese of La Crosse and maintained by Round Hill Inc. W6946 Round Hill Road Arkansaw, WI 54721, 715-672-8453
Moore Genuine Nursing Care and Home Care serving Dunn Eau Claire and Trempealeau Counties

Moore Genuine Home Care

Serving Eau Claire, Jackson, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Trempealeau, and St Croix Counties Augusta, Wisconsin 711 Anderson Street, Augusta, Wisconsin 54722 715-286-2734
Cobblestone Inn in Durand Wisconsin

Cobblestone Inn, Durand

Enjoy a convenient location near everything Durand has to offer. Situated near Chippewa Valley Hospital Oak view Care Center, this hotel offers easy access to Highway 25, Highway 10, and is only a couple blocks from the Chippewa Rive

Cobble Stone Inn
325 W. Prospect Street, Durand Wisconsin 54736

Augusta Wisconsin Quilt Show 2017

Augusta Wisconsin Quilt Show 2017

Sponsored by the Augusta Wisconsin Quilt Adicts.  March 10 and 11 2017 at the Senior & Community Center.  See the Quilt show page to register to compete or sponsor a vendors display.

Prizes and free gifts.  The show is held each year on the seccond weekend of the Month


BBQ and Catering in Nelson Wisconsin

Best BBQ and Ribs on the Mississippi River - eat in and carry out. - Catering of all types of events also. Check out our gifts and antiques.  Having a party on the River? We can cater it for you.  208 N Main, Nelson, WI 715-673-4717

Durand WI is a Chippewa River Town in the Indian Head Country of Wisconsin. Bauer is a prominent Family name.  Some say that half of the families in town are named Bauer.


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