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The  Highway 10 Bridge over the Chippewa River was replaced in 2009 because the old bridge was considered aged and unstable. It would be much more expensive to repair the old bridge than it would be to build a new one.  And so it goes, the new bridge over the Chippewa River is in place but the beauty of the old bridge cannot be replaced.  Here it is, hope you miss it too

Duriand is a river town in Wisconsin, in the north west part of Wisconsin, in the indian head country and in the Chippewa Valley.  Come Visit Use.  You can click on the image to see it full size.

Durand Wisconsin Bridge on the Chippew River 

The Old Bridge over the Chippewa River for Highway 10 in Durand Wis.  Click on the image to See it full size

Bridge over the Chippewa River in Durand Wisconsin. It is the old bridge but it is the bridge with character.  Durand is in Pepin Country in Wisc.  Come Visit

This Photo was taken from the Deck of the Corral Bar and Restaurant in Durand WI

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