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Durand Wisconsin Services

Services offered in Durand Wisconsin, Area Code 715-597 and others, Durand WI Zip Code 54758 including city hall, town, village and county services. Police, Fire, City Hall and other services


Durand Community Library Library 604 7Th Avenue East; Durand, Wisconsin 54736 715-672-8730
Durand Fire Department Volunteer Fire Department 104 E Main ST Durand,WI 54736
Durand Police Department Police 740 7th Ave W Durand, Wisconsin 54736 715-672-5948
City of Durand City Hall 104 E Main St, Durand, WI, 54736 715-672-8770
Durand Improvement Group Improvement Group
Pepin County Health Department Health Dept 740 7th Avenue WestDurand, WI 54736 715-672-5961
DMV Office Address: DMV 104 East Main Street, Durand, WI 54736 608-266-2353
Human Services Department-Pepin County Human Services for Pepin County 740 7th Avenue West, Durand 715-672-8941
Pepin County Recycling Department Recycling 740 7th Avenue West, Durand 715- 672-5709
Pepin County Health Department Health Dept 740 7th Avenue West, Durand 715- 672-5961
Pepin County Personnel Department Personnel 740 7th Avenue West, Durand 715-672-8704
Sheriff's / Pepin County Non-Emergency Sheriff 740 7th Avenue West, Durand 715-672-5944

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Durand is the county seat of Pepin County. Cities, villages, and towns in Pepin: Albany, Durand, Frankfort, Lima, Pepin, Stockholm, Waterville, Waubeek. Unincorporated Villages in Pepin County:  Arkansaw, Ella, Lakeport, Lund, Porcupine, Tarrant